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TEAM HERO, Camp 360 and After School Programs are just a few of the ways Project HERO provides leaders, role models, coaches and mentors to children. We are constantly seeking innovative ideas, strategies and partnerships to bring forward the best in youth programs to create a better world. We have already launched three new programs and expanded to three new regions just this past year in 2016 alone.

Project HERO is always looking for new and innovative ways to raise money for our cause. We have developed some really neat strategies to do so. And because our mission is to Help Everyone Reach & Overcome we are excited to help other organizations that share a similar mission as ours. We can help raise money for your school, youth sports team, or nearly any cause as long as it serves to help others .

Success Prep Internships
Strategically designed Internship programs aimed to help teens discover and develop their personal strengths that will help them pave their way to a successful career and life. Each Program provides every participant with a Certificate of Completion and letter of recommendation.


The Little Hero's program is a unique leadership program designed to impact youth that have suffered emotional distress and are looking for someone to connect with. We strategically place each child in the program with a mentor that can deeply understand their struggles and can relate to them. In addition, each child in the program elects a peer that is going though similar struggles to join them in the program, they in return become a hero for that child. The Little Hero's program is a designed to create a trickle down effect of the "Helping Everyone to Reach &  Overcome" vision.


To fulfill our Mission Statement and succeed in our Vision, all of our programs are designed to effectively place the right people in the right places at the right times. It's all about the Leadership!

Project HERO is strongly involved in the support of after school programs. In many states, extra-curricular activities in public schools have been affected by education budget cuts.Project HERO seeks to fill the void, putting crucial character development programs and role models back in front of students grades K-12.

CAMP 360 is a one-week, life- changing camp for at-risk youth. The year 2015 marks a milestone to the genesis of CAMP 360 as we prepare to launch our first camp. CAMP 360 is the defining inspiration for Project HERO.


“T.E.A.M." HERO is a select group of Teachers, Entertainers, Athletes & Mentors.  Members of TEAM HERO are the driving advocates that push the Mission of Project HERO, acting as role models for the youth in our communities.